Risk Management

Risk Management

Exploration of potential business opportunities, markets and resources in South East Asia with emphasis on Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Finding associates for business activities and joint ventures.
  Risk Management

Market Research

Consulting before, during and after entering into business activities in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Execution of market surveys and risk assessment.


Agriculture in Indonesia

Find out about the agricultural development as one of the keys to the conquest of poverty in Indonesia...

Indonesia's Blessing and Curse

The ongoing discussion about the urgent need to increase the education budget and VP Yussuf Kalla's irritation with Indonesian backwardness despite the obvious natural wealth of the country...

Muslim countries' trade with Israel

Ever since Israel signed the Oslo agreements with the Palestinians 1993, most Muslim countries have overcome their traditional reluctance to trade with Israel despite the ongoing conflict...

No Milk Today

It is no secret that the Indonesian dairy industry is seriously undersized for the nation's 240 Million population permitting a milk consumption of only 7 l/capita/year...

On Silence

Iranian President Ahmadinejad's recent repeated statements calling for Israel to be "wiped of the map" have met, except for a few but notable exceptions, with a studious, if somewhat embarrassed silence in the Arab and Muslim world, including Indonesia...

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