Risk Management

Risk Management

Exploration of potential business opportunities, markets and resources in South East Asia with emphasis on Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Finding associates for business activities and joint ventures.
  Risk Management

Market Research

Consulting before, during and after entering into business activities in Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Execution of market surveys and risk assessment.

About Us

Technology Asia Consulting Ltd. is a fairly new consultancy (founded in 2003) providing services in South East Asia with emphasis on Indonesia.

It is based on the premise that economic activities in South East Asia, in particular Indonesia require special expertise that is not commonly available to small and medium size businesses who would otherwise consider expanding into these markets or using them as a resource.

Our expertise is based on the experience gathered during extended periods of service in South East Asia and a network of co-workers and consultants on site who can provide the necessary cultural bridging capabilities that in so many cases make all the difference between a successfully concluded deal and a wasted trip.

It should be no surprise that serving clients is at the core of our mission and we impose on ourselves the highest professional standards to help our clients attain their goals.

Technology Asia's main project is to establish itself as a provider of technology and know-how in the field of agriculture, medical science and technology and other civilian technologies to the SEA market. Our central project, at this time, is the development of the dairy industry in the area mainly by marketing the Mini-Dairy (see publications).

Other programs include the development of agricultural projects (vegetable farms) and projects in remote monitoring and controlling via cellular technologies. Bilateral trade development between Israel and Indonesia has also become an area of interest.
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